Main Advantages in HX270

On-line automatic system

  • The belt is continuously monitored
  • Automatic belt damage detection
  • Immediate conveyor stop when critical damage exists
  • Automatic belt damage drive to repair station

Comprehensive solution

  • Detects accurately all types of belt damage
  • Optimal reaction time with belt monitoring at loading and unloading points
  • Modular system is suitable for one or multiple conveyor monitoring

Suits for all flat conveyor belts

  • Suitable for all flat conveyor belts
  • Adapts automatically to new and used belt monitoring
  • Suits for fabric and steel cord belts with any grade and thickness

No need for belt modifications

  • No vulcanized wires, loops or other major modifications to the belt
  • Belt manufacturer independent system
  • No system maintenance actions needed after belt damage

Reduce your failure rate and save money

The HX270 on-line conveyor belt condition monitoring products are used in production critical conveyors, which need continuously condition monitoring. Belt damages can cause unscheduled production stoppage, decreased belt lifetime and substantial repair work. In addition, belt failures can be serious safety risks.

Real-time Optical 3D Belt Surface Scanning

The Belt Condition Monitoring System monitors the belt by using material and clean side monitoring modules located in the optimal position in respect of reaction to the belt damages. The loading and unloading points are the most critical positions of the belt conveyor to get the belt damaged.

Functional principle

The system is controlled from the control room. The monitoring modules are connected to control module by using LAN connection. The system alarm, conveyor control and status signals can be integrated to any Customer’s control system.

The system has a constant reference point in the belt and continuous belt movement measurement, which enables fully automatic functioning of the system in all conveyor use situations. The system locates the belt damages automatically and tracks them in every belt loop. Alarms are given only when new belt damage exists or existing belt damage 3D shape changes enough.

The system can drive selected belt damages automatically to a predefined repair station with full belt speed. There can be one or multiple belt repair stations for belt damage inspection and belt repair actions.

Demonstrative video in Youtube     Demonstrative video in Youtube


Key specifications

Belt widthMaximum belt speedOperating temperatureService intervalWeight
750 up to 2400mm [28"-94"]10 m/s [1987 fpm]-40 to + 55 °C [-40 to 131 °F]>Every 1-2 months can be done by customer< 100 kg [ <220lbs]

Product in use